CMJ Guesthouses located in Jerusalem, The Galilee, and Tel-Aviv Jaffo provide a unique experience for visitors and tourists alike.

  • Christ Church Guesthouse

    Christ Church Guesthouse

    Our historic B&B Guest House sits inside the walls of the historic old city of Jerusalem and offers both Israelis and pilgrims a safe haven for resting, exploring the Land and seeking an encounter with…

  • Beit Bracha Guesthouse

    Beit Bracha Guesthouse

    This House of Blessing, Beit Bracha in Hebrew, ministers peace to followers of Jesus from all over the globe. Our guests come to experience the region of Israel where Jesus proclaimed His kingdom and began…

  • Beit Immanuel Guesthouse

    Beit Immanuel Guesthouse

    Located near Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv in the spacious and picturesque, mid-19th Century structure that once served as the glittering Baron’s Palace, just five minutes from beautiful Mediterranean beaches A restful garden, a sunny…