Located near Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv in the spacious and picturesque, mid-19th Century structure that once served as the glittering Baron’s Palace, just five minutes from beautiful Mediterranean beaches

A restful garden, a sunny terrace, great rooms, and much more – Beit Immanuel is an ideal base to explore Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and the Mediterranean coastline.

Beit Immanuel is often referred to as an “oasis” within the liveliness of the city.

During the British mandate, our building once served as a hub between Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Eventually, the two cities grew and were joined to make Tel Aviv-Yafo. Today, this places us in a perfectly central location. We are just a short 5-minute walk from golden beaches and within walking distance of the modern city of Tel Aviv – and there’s loads to do in the area, including Old Jaffa’s artisan flea market.

Our garden is a quiet place to sit under the shade of our centuries-old banyan tree. In the months from April to October, many guests often love to sit in the garden to enjoy their breakfast in the freshness of the morning, or on our sun terrace with parasols and coffee tables.
Heritage Centre

At Beit Immanuel you can also visit our Heritage Centre, known as the Baron’s Hall Heritage Centre, after Baron von Ustinov (grandfather of Peter Ustinov).

The Heritage Centre is located in one of the Palace Rooms of the former Hotel du Parc and is resplendent with chandeliers and other indications of this buildings grandeur. It is dedicated to the history of this most famous building, as well as the former American and German colonies where it is located. It also forms part of a bigger story – the Gentile contribution to the development of Jaffa and the State of Israel.

Beit Immanuel was one of the first buildings outside the walls of ancient Jaffa. Throughout its colourful history, it hosted such people as Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife Augusta Victoria as well as many other notable guests when it was the main hotel in Jaffa.

Baron Ustinov had the first botanical garden and zoo in the land, boasting monkeys and colourful parrots.

In the 20th century, the building had many different uses. It was used by CMJ as a school for girls, commandeered by the British Army and later the Israeli army, and in the 1970’s, it was the focal point of the emerging Israeli Messianic movement.

The Heritage Centre presentation at Beit Immanuel includes the opportunity for groups to view antique glass slides through a 100 year old projector known as a “Magic Lantern”. After the presentation, visitors are welcome to sit in the historic garden with a cup of coffee from Baron’s Coffee Shop.

We provide many other amenities, such as:

  • A private car park (securely closed at night)
  • A storage room for luggage
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Conference facilities
  • A quiet room for private devotions

Rooms to Suit All Needs

Whether you are traveling with your family, your spouse, by yourself, or with a tour group (either from our own Shoresh Tours, or another tour provider), we have a variety of rooms available that will accommodate your needs.

A Great Time and Place for coffee

Before setting out for a day of exploration in ancient Jaffa or treasure hunting in modern Tel Aviv, grab a cup of coffee to fuel your adventures! Or when you come back from a day at the beach, we’ll have a cup of tea together. Our coffee shop is open to serve you the best coffee and tea in the neighborhood.

Booking Information

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