Just a Few Steps to Your Most Rewarding Journey

Volunteering with CMJ Israel may well be the most rewarding thing you have ever done – after all, you will become part of Israel’s present and future with what you do and achieve with us!

Our volunteer program is set up to provide staff for our three guest houses. Volunteers work a 40-hour week cleaning rooms, washing dishes, mopping floors and sweeping courtyards and interacting with guests. It is heavy physical ‘work and sometimes involves long hours if we have special events. In exchange volunteers receive full room and board and community life in a Christ-centered environment, and two days off each week to explore the Holy Land. Most of our volunteers love the experience and many ask to return, but we have found that some are surprised at first by how hard the work is. If you feel that you have applicable skills that you think will benefit the ministry, please feel free to note so in your application, but volunteering outside of hospitality related departments tends to be an exception.

Please scroll below to find an online application form.

In case you have a technical issue with the form below or have problems uploading your CV/Resume please contact polina@cmj-israel.org