Involvement in the Land

CMJ built hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, workshops, schools and vocational training centres. At the same time, they fed the poor, aided orphans, worked to improve the status of Jews in Jerusalem, and took an active stand against anti-Semitism.

Our work in the same areas continues today and, although Israel is a successful country, it also still suffers from severe poverty in many areas for both Jews and Arabs.

Helping the Poor Today

Today, Israelis and Palestinians do not need hospitals, clinics or workshops – yet the poor are still with us – especially among the believing community.

So the Christ Church Mercy Fund helps those who “fall between the cracks” and can’t get help from Governments or other Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).

Priorities of the Christ Church Mercy Fund

  1. Helping local believers (Messianic Jews and Christians) who can’t meet expenses due to low salaries and/or emergencies.
  2. Helping those who are non-believers (Jews and Arabs) by working through government social workers.
  3. Helping people with Israeli bureaucracy who are not able to work to ensure that they get the government benefits or legal help they need.
  4. Helping local institutions that help and promote reconciliation amongst all communities of Jerusalem, such as Shevet Achim, St. Louis Hospital and others.
  5. Helping the sick with medical expenses, transportation to doctors, hospitals and drugs not covered by health insurance.
  6. Helping believers in times of war.
  7. Helping women (often Russians and Ukrainians) escape the sex trade in Israel and start new lives.

The Christ Church Mercy Fund seeks to reflect God’s character of mercy and goodness by helping those in need and is not a means to sway anyone to change their religion or church allegiance.

How to Get Involved

Practical Help

Connecting to people in all communities to help provide essentials through prayer, community, and finances.

Project of the Month

Partnering with organisations or individuals throughout the Land serving as the hands and feet of Yeshua/Jesus.

Times of Crisis

Helping families in distress and/or war.